Sharing Myers Briggs® Concepts With Volunteer Organizations When Type Training/Theory Is Not an Option

Article by Annie Battée I recently presented “Volunteers- One Style Does Not Fit All” for the national Neighborhood, USA Conference in Eugene, Oregon. A major part of the session included information on recognizing and using different communication and interaction styles based on Myers Briggs® concepts. In my 30 plus years of working with student, civic, and other organizations, I have found that use of the Myers Briggs® concepts is very beneficial, even when it is…

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Deadline Extended: Submit Your Conference Proposal – Due November 17th!

Submit Your Proposal For Consideration for the 2015 APTi Conference (DUE NOVEMBER 17TH):

Read about our Conference Strands HERE…
Download the PDF version of the Proposal Submission System to see what we’ll be asking and test out your thoughts…
Enter your proposal for consideration through the online form HERE (NO PDF SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED).

PLEASE NOTE:  We have created the PDF Template listed in Step 2 above as a reference, and a way to make sure that […]

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Investing in Type Development – Is it Worth the Effort?

Article by Cynthia Stengel Paris

Adapted from the July, 2014 blog post on

Note: The quotes within this article are from Chapters 16 and 19 of Gifts Differing where Isabel Myers talks about Type Development and the importance of growing and developing in your type.
“The kind of perception and kind of judgment people naturally prefer determine the direction in which they can develop most fully and effectively and with the most personal satisfaction.” Isabel Myers
The […]

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Type and the Voice Dialogue Lens

Article by Pierre Cauvin & Geneviève Cailloux Winners of the Mary McCaulley Lifetime Achievement Award Did you ever get stuck with a client who keeps repeating “I don’t have a preference, I can do both”, or “It depends upon the environment; I am not the same at work and at home”? We did. And this is the first reason why, in the early ‘90s, we started using Voice Dialogue with type. Of course, you have…

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Using the Enneagram with the MBTI® Assessment

Article by Pat Wyman (INFJ) I began using both the MBTI® assessment and the Enneagram from the beginning of my work as a therapist more than 20 years ago. My first efforts as a therapist included doing the initial interview of new clients for a group of eight therapists, all of whom utilized deep emotional healing work (non-cognitive therapy). The initial interview process I designed for new clients consisted of the MBTI® assessment, the Enneagram…

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