Bringing Type To Miami!

A very warm welcome to Katharine Myers!

Katharine Myers at the APTi Conference

General Session with Linda Berens

Surprise!  The APTi President’s Award presented to Elizabeth, Katherine and Sandra Hirsh.

General Session with Hile Rutledge

Surprise!  The first Linda Berens Award was presented to Linda Berens by her granddaughter Abbey Kiler.

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Type and Organizational Success

Editor’s note:  Today’s article by Leslie-Anne Harants focuses on an organization that unintentionally ignored the importance of valuing and recognizing individual differences. However, using type, they managed to turn their collective blind spots into insights. This case study is a perfect example of how identifying the patterns that may be negatively influencing you or your organization can inoculate your team from these stressors.  If you have a case study or article you would like to […]

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Article by Rob Toomey (Bulletin 39.4)

This article first appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of “TypeFace,” the quarterly magazine of the British Association for Psychological Type (BAPT), Volume 25, No. 2, pp 20-22 and is reproduced here with permission of the author and BAPT.

The year is 2034. Electric hover scooters carrying students and faculty zip by the dorm room window of Catherine Clark, in her final year of study at Oxford. At the moment, the […]

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Qualify for a Practitioner Certificate at the APTi Conference

You can qualify for a Practitioner Certificate from the Association for Psychological Type at the Miami Conference!

All you have to do is attend the General Session 2 by Linda Berens (Happiness in the Communication Zone®—a fun-filled tour of multiple lenses of type) plus five of the following sessions:

GS 3 – Answering Type’s Critics: Defending the MBTI (Hile Rutledge INFP)

CS 105 – Making Type Stick as a Foundation for Lifelong Development (Penny Moyle, ENTJ)

CS 202 – Helping a […]

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Using Type When Breaking Bad News (Bulletin 38.8)

Article by Judy Allen and Susan A. Brock

A difficult yet frequent aspect of health care is the need to break bad news. We want to bring our very best to these situations to help our patients and ourselves. As you may suspect, an individual’s type preference makes a difference in what they find helpful and in what they might automatically offer to be helpful.

Let’s examine ways in which knowledge of psychological type theory might assist […]

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