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Founded in 1979, the Association for Psychological Type is the source of the most advanced thinking on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Carl Jung’s psychological types and its application in all aspects of business and society. It still is the most respected source for the latest applications of type, introduction of new type-based models, and ethical uses of type.

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Position yourself to expand your knowledge and network

Each year type luminaries, practitioners and enthusiasts exchange ideas on the APTi website, in LinkedIn groups, in local APTi chapters and at the APTi Biennial Conferences. Speakers from business, human resources, training, coaching and even brain science come to APTi, in person or online, to show members the latest research, models and applications of type.

Dario Nardi, Ph.D UCLA

Dario Nardi, Ph.D

If you were a member this past year you would have had the opportunity to see Dario Nardi discuss his latest Neuroscience findings, Linda Berens expand her Interaction Style and Essential Motivators models plus present Tools and Practices for Transformational Leadership, Culture Change, and Coaching, and even would have learned The Eight Colors of Fitness with Suzanne Brue, to name a few.

You could have gone to Miami for the 20th APTi Conference: Putting Type into Action. There you would have heard over 100 speakers from all over the world and had the chance to meet and interact with type professionals and enthusiasts that arrived from some of the 38 countries that our members call home.

Susan Nash resized“As a consultant working alone using type theory in my business practice, APTi has proved to be a wonderful networking location. If I am looking for people with whom to collaborate, individuals to give their insight, or purely people with whom to share like ideas, APTi provides a rich sounding board.” - Susan Nash, APTi president 2014

Where else will you find credible type information?

The web is full of personality type “tests”, advice and tools. Many purport to have MBTI® results and interpretations, including how people will act if they are “thinkers” or “feelers.” CPP, the administrator of the official MBTI instrument, even published an infographic to counter this wayward and wrong thinking.

At APTi you won’t have to unlearn how to explain the MBTI model or any of the other models that inform us about the 16 personality types. Each article published in the Bulletin of Psychological Type and delivered to our members weekly has been vetted to conform with the ethical use of type and with accepted principles of type.  That way our members can truly become credible type experts.

The best place to network with other type professionals and master practitioners

Whether you are looking for a new workshop activity or a better way to get type to “stick” with clients, APTi members can offer advice and counsel. Each member can publish their information in the APTi member directory, including credentials and contact information.

A Maryanne DiMarzo resized“During the course of last year and my introduction to APTi, I frequently felt as if my bookshelves were coming alive, as so many of my favorite authors and luminaries actually became warm and welcoming colleagues and friends.” - Maryanne DiMarzo, APTi president-elect for 2015

 New ways to learn and engage, only at APTi

In 2014 you will be able to…

  • attend Bulletin Author Roundtables, giving authors a chance to discuss their article and field questions from members
  • learn at a steady pace as we deliver a Bulletin article each week to your email inbox
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in addition to the many benefits APTi members enjoy today, including

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  • discounts to attend the APTi Conference
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bates“As technology changes how we learn and access information and knowledge, I want to make sure that members have what they need at their fingertips, their APTi experience engages them and helps them grow their type expertise, and that the large body of type knowledge we house is easily accessible.” – Sterling Bates, Co-Director of Member Experience

Earn continuing education credit hours

Many of the APTi online and in-person trainings – due to the professional level of the instructors and subject matter – will earn you Continuing Education (CE) credits including NBCC, APA and MBTI® Master Practitioner credit hours.

Support the work of this important organization with your membership

APTi is a type knowledge network. Your membership enables the study, dialogue and exchange of type knowledge throughout the world.  In the U.S., there are 21 APTi chapters where you can attend lectures and meetings to network with type enthusiasts in your area.  There is even an eChapter noted for their online webinars. Through our international members and our affiliation with chapters such as the British Association of Psychological Type, the European Association of Psychological Type, and the Australian Association of Psychological Type, you will be supporting an international movement to exchange and expand type knowledge.

New member? What’s the difference between Subscriber and Premium membership?

This year, for the first time, APTi is offering a Subscriber membership at only $5 per month, the cost of a large mocha latte at our local coffee shop. Approved by all of the APTi board members, we feel it is important that people who are interested in psychological type and its many models are exposed to quality, curated information from the Bulletin of Psychological Type delivered weekly to their inbox. Besides all of the other benefits of a Subscriber membership, this one weekly ability to expand and grow type knowledge will be invaluable for anyone who wants to incorporate type into their personal and professional life.

Premium membership is our full membership. As you can see in the membership chart, it has been greatly enhanced with more member resources, your public profile listing in the APTi member directory,  the APTi Ethical Use Certificate and the Practitioner Resource Kit and Practitioner Presentation Slides available later this year. A Premium membership including all of the new benefits will be only $120 for a full year.  This is the membership level of all current APTi members, some who have been members for many, many years.

What about loyal members of APTi? How does $8/month sound?

Type is a life-long growth experience. We would like to reward our loyal members a significant savings for multi-year premium memberships. Many of our members have been part of APTi for years, and probably will be as long as type is part of their lives, which for many is all of their lives. This year APTi is offering a discount for a two-year membership that comes out to only $8 per month, a $50 savings!


“I have been a member since 1980…I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for APTi. It was where I cut my training teeth, where I got to share what I had learned from David Keirsey about temperaments, where I got to argue and debate and have the limits of my thinking stretched, and where I got to gain some leadership skills.” - Dr. Linda Berens, APTi past president 2013

We guarantee you’ll know more (because we listen)


To plan our year we asked members what were their biggest challenges. They told us that getting enough time to get good results is a problem and that making the knowledge stick is another.  Ok, we’ll work on that.


Where do APTi members use type? 

Leadership development and team development are where the action is, plus organizational development, personal development and consulting. If you use type in any of these areas, or would like to, it may be time to meet like-minded types, so to speak.

Meet people that are interested in people.

Sure we can give you a list of reasons why joining APTi is a good choice. But the one intangible not on any list is that you get to meet people who are interested in other people – in how they think, in how they interact in teams, people that want to help others develop and grow, people that understand how invaluable type knowledge is and how it transforms lives and organizations.

Whether for personal growth or professional achievement, the Association of Psychological Type International will give you access to the people and resources that will grow your expertise. Join us.