Qualify for a Practitioner Certificate at the APTi Conference

You can qualify for a Practitioner Certificate from the Association for Psychological Type at the Miami Conference!

All you have to do is attend the General Session 2 by Linda Berens (Happiness in the Communication Zone®—a fun-filled tour of multiple lenses of type) plus five of the following sessions:

GS 3 – Answering Type’s Critics: Defending the MBTI (Hile Rutledge INFP)

CS 105 – Making Type Stick as a Foundation for Lifelong Development (Penny Moyle, ENTJ)

CS 202 – Helping a […]

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Using Type When Breaking Bad News (Bulletin 38.8)

Article by Judy Allen and Susan A. Brock

A difficult yet frequent aspect of health care is the need to break bad news. We want to bring our very best to these situations to help our patients and ourselves. As you may suspect, an individual’s type preference makes a difference in what they find helpful and in what they might automatically offer to be helpful.

Let’s examine ways in which knowledge of psychological type theory might assist […]

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An Organization Built Around Type

Bulletin of Psychological Type Vol. 38.7

Editor’s note: This issue of the Bulletin focuses on case studies – real use of type in the field. Today’s article centers on how the founders of a software company used type – in particular, the Berens CORE Approach – to build their business from the ground up. If you have case studies you would like to share, please contact us at apti@caphill.com. Not coincidentally, the theme of this year’s […]

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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Managing IT (Bulletin of Psychological Type Vol. 38.6)

 Article by Carol A. Linden, MBTI® Master Practitioner

All three of my parents were in IT.

My dad was one of the original “I’ve Been Moved” guys from IBM (a.k.a. relocated). He could “turn on a dime” and was a “do whatever it takes to make it work” guy. So he was very talented at innovation and could take anything apart and put it back together. But he wasn’t big on rules. It was all about “whatever […]

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APTi History (Part 3 of 3)

Article by Maryanne DiMarzo and CAPT

Editor’s Note:  This is part three of a three-part series on the history of APTi.  Today’s article focuses on the challenges facing the organization in the last decade. This history was put together by APTi President Maryanne DiMarzo – with the gracious assistance of CAPT.  We hope you enjoy this. We also hope if you have other anecdotes or memories from those days, please let us know.  Just email us […]

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