Request For Proposals: APTi Association Management

The Association for Psychological Type International (APTi) is soliciting a Request for Proposals (RFP) from professional Association Management Companies interested in managing and operating the daily business of APTi.

APTi is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit global professional membership organization engaged in promoting the practical, responsible and ethical use of personality type through education, training, research, networking and community building (

The APTi RFP 2014-10-13 sets out information to assess APTi’s requirements.  The timeline for the submission of RFPs […]

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Submit Your Proposal for the 2015 APTi Conference!

Submit Your Proposal For Consideration for the 2015 APTi Conference (Before November 3):

Read about our Conference Strands HERE…
Download the PDF version of the Proposal Submission System to see what we’ll be asking and test out your thoughts…
Enter your proposal for consideration through the online form HERE (NO PDF SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED).

PLEASE NOTE:  We have created the PDF Template listed in Step 2 above as a reference, and a way to make sure that […]

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Integrated Type™ How Using Multiple Lenses Made a Difference

Article by Linda Berens Several years ago, I was engaged by a Midwest law firm to help resolve a very difficult situation. I hadn’t intended to use type lenses overtly, but in the background, as I tried to help them reach a mutual understanding. I took my booklets with me as I usually do and, once I was in the process, I wound up doing the shortest version of using multiple models I’ve ever done….

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Type’s Critics: A Bulletin Author Roundtable with Roger Pearman

Type’s Critics: A Bulletin Author Roundtable with Roger Pearman from APTi on Vimeo. Psychological type and type assessment tools have a legion of critics, which is good as it means people are taking the models seriously enough to argue about it. From the National Science Foundation criticisms of the early 1990s to the Murphy (2005) review in The Cult of Personality and many other articles since, critics have more or less argued about the same…

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It’s All in the D-brief: Using Interaction Styles to add richness to the debrief of your favorite exercise

Article by Maryanne DiMarzo and Amy Acker This is our favorite business simulation. Imagine the scene of six senior executives of a major Fortune 100 company, who are playing the roles of frontline employees, standing on what appears to be a life-size checker board, in varying states of confusion and, in some cases, paralysis. Each is standing on his or her square. They have no instructions other than “this is your workplace, and you are…

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News from our friends at Psychometrics Canada: Innovation Award Winner

Maralyn Ellis wins the 2014 Psychometrics Canada MBTI® Innovation Award
Psychometrics Canada, a leader in pre-employment and talent management assessment for the selection and development of people in business, government and education, today announced Maralyn Ellis, of Futures Found, as the winner of the Psychometrics Canada MBTI® Innovation Award. Maralyn has developed an innovative aid to illustrate Myers-Briggs personality types to individuals and groups. Her concept will be introduced, and she will be presented with […]

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