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Type and Organizational Success

Bulletin-36.4-CoverBulletin of Psychological Type - Vol. 36/4 - The theme of this issue is  Type and Organizational Success.  Here's what you'll find inside:

  • 3 Walking the Type Talk – Challenges and Rewards of Using Typologies in Organizations  by Judy Gareis
  • 8 How Managers Can Effectively Deal with Differences of Opinion   by Ruth Schneider and David Prudhomme
  • 10 MBTI® in Formal Mentoring Programs  by Cherie Hutton and Dr. Carol Sommerfield
  • 15 Cognitive Styles at Work  by Chris Montoy
  • 19 Using Type to Create a Successful Animated Movie  by Michael Laney
  • 21 Making Meaning with Type in College Student Affairs Organizations by Debra Sanborn
  • 24 Revitalize your Organization with the MBTI®  by Diane Ludgate Love, Ph.D. and James Cunningham
  • 27 A Whole Organization Culture Change  by Linda Berens, Linda Ernst, Melissa Smith 
  • 32 A Certain Type  by Donna M. Ives 
  • 33 Book Reviews: MBTI® Step II User's Guide and The Voice Dialogue Anthology by Rowan Bayne
  • 36 Tribute to Otto Kroeger by Peter Geyer
  • 39 President’s Corner  by Linda Berens
  • 39 APTi Board of Directors

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